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Products and Services

Product Development and Samples.

If you have a solid idea for a product, we can help it come into fruition. Just set up an appointment with us and we will sit down together to discuss the requirements. Our job is to help you answer all of your questions and develop a product sample that is achievable and tangible for both parties involved. 

After our meeting, we will do the research, determine the estimated bill of materials, and labor. This will take the burden and guesswork off of you as we have access to numerous fabric suppliers, sewing machines, and seamstresses. Once we have an estimate of the associated costs for your sample, we will reach out to you and present different options. This will help you determine if moving forward with the product sample is feasible for your profit margins. 





Once you approve the estimated costs, we will move forward on developing a quality product sample for you. No matter what the product is, large or small, or how outrageous it may be, we can help develop an awesome product sample for you. In addition, we take our work seriously and will not sugarcoat our recommendations like our competitors. Our samples are all produced in the United States which supports Berry Amendment regulations (Subpart 225.7002) unless otherwise specified by our customers.


Fabric Sourcing and Procurement

Our network of fabric suppliers gives our customers access to a variety of wholesale fabric sources. We carefully work with suppliers inside and outside of California to procure the fabric needed for our customers' product.

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SoCal is a sewing manufacturer that specializes in tactical and medical nylon needs. We have a multitude of sewing machines that are made for a broad range of specialized sewing purposes.​ Some of our sewing services include:

  • prototype sewing

  • single, double stitch

  • lock stitch

  • pocket welt

  • zigzag stitch

  • round eyelit

  • safety stitch

  • overlock

  • straight stitch

  • cover stitch

  • embroidery

  • silk screen printing

  • sublimation printing (dye-sublimation)

  • cutting services

  • finishing including bagging and shipping


               SoCal Legacy Design is the bottom line for all your product development and manufacturing needs.

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